Jonas Ranstam PhD

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ORCiD: 0000-0002-8287-7273
ResearcherID: A-4386-2009
Scopus author ID: 7005478152
Twitter: @jonasranstam

Jonas Ranstam is a Swedish former professor of medical statistics and an independent statistical consultant, specialised in randomised clinical trials and chronic disease epidemiology. He provides medical statistical expertise to research teams at universities, hospitals, research institutes and private companies worldwide and is also engaged as an editor and reviewer for a large number of scientific medical journals. Slate, STAT, The Scientist, and Scholastica have described him as the world's most prolific peer reviewer.

In addition to this homepage, Jonas Ranstam also maintains,, a website facilitating statistical reviewing by referencing literature on statistical mistakes and suggestions on how to avoid them.

Inspirational words of wisdom

- Once a FORTRAN programmer, always a FORTRAN programmer (and that is not necessarily a good thing).


- Sail training onboard HMS Gladan and nautical exam during the 1970s
- Survived car crash, tank crash, airplane crash, and earthquake
- Programmed todo, Bash-SQLite-AWK based CLI task manager